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Concurrent 3

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  Concurrent Session 3





Thursday, March 3, 2011

2:40 p.m. - 3:40 p.m.


Location:  201
Support Management and Deployment of Apple's iOS devices including the iPad.
Join Apple to focus on the technical aspects of supporting a digital learning environment and iOS management of multiple devices in schools. In this session we will also address technical questions about the security of our iOS devices, how to deploy devices and apps, and how to manage iOS devices.
Target Audience:
Dan Semaya, Apple

Location:  202
Successful K12 1-1 Program Components
In this session, we will review the successful components of a K12 1-1 student computing program which include policy, leadership, funding, digital content, infrastructure, professional development and results.  We will review each component and look at examples across the US of best practice implementations.
Target Audience:  Middle, High, K-12, Administration

Location:  204
All Hands on Deck! Promethean’s New Question Wizard in ActivInspire 1.5
Learn to navigate the new and improved Question Wizard in ActivInspire 1.5. Create quick individual questions (text, sort in order, multiple choice) as well as an entire self-paced test.  The new wizard allows for storage of prepared questions and user friendly input. This session will also provide a quick review of additional ActivInspire 1.5 updates.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12
Matt Barfield, Promethean
Leslie Lowe, Promethean

Location:  205
Cloud Communications with CSI@K12
Learn how you can replace that old phone system with state-of-the-art VoIP, fully provisioned with no expensive infrastructure! Also,leverage Microsoft's Live@edu while maintaining compliance. Last, learn how to fund it!
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration, Other
Leo Gallant, CSI Technology Outfitters
Kurt Haas, CSI Technology Outfitters

Location:  206
A Treasure Trove of Standards-Based SMART Lessons
Looking for top-notch, interactive, engaging, standards-based SMART Notebook lessons? Discover how to create your own searchable database of ready-to-use lessons for your district using Media Share, AND unearth a treasure of high-quality SMART Notebook lessons that have been created by teachers to be used interactively in student-centered classrooms.
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
Joey Schnople, SMART

Location:  Tech Showcase A (Exhibit Hall)
Mobile Students in the Identity Aware Network
Please join Jim Finger (former School District CIO) and Sean Hogston with Extreme Networks as they review the need for the “Identity Aware Network†and how educators are looking for vendors to provide networks that collect information about users, devices, and location and allow IT to create and enforce granular user- centric access policies.
Target Audience:  Administration, Other
Jim Finger, Exteme Networks
Sean Hogston, Extreme Networks

Location:  Tech Showcase B (Exhibit Hall)
Creating a Social LearningNetwork throughStudent Collabration in the Classroom
Does your school or district block Facebook, YouTube and other sites that students use to upload multimedia content? Learn how to allow students to communicate, oublish, and collaborate with their peers in a safe and secure Social Learning Network. Students as well as teacher collaboration has never been more exciting!
Target Audience:
Nicole Barnett, FTC
Diana Freeman, Johnston County Schools
Brian Hinds, FTC

Location:  301A
iPad in Class: Uses in the Elementary School
Learn from:  a technology specialist about iPad ‚Äúcrates‚Äù and logistics of this resource, an ESOL teacher as she shares her iPad experience during inclusion time and a school librarian whose students use the iPad that is a mobile catalog. Favorite apps will be highlighted; session content will be posted online.
Target Audience:  Elementary
Melissa Stopa, Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools
Michelle Salinas, Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools

Location:  301B
Google Apptivities
With Google Apps you can: work online with cohorts, gather and sort information from students, create and share online presentations. Come learn some productive, fun and cool ways to use the Google Apps in your classroom. Why not let Google take over some of your workload?


Target Audience:  K-12
Kevin Spencer, Roanoke City Schools
Tonnie Pack, Roanoke City Schools

Location:  302A
The Wave, 103.1
Participants will explore the process of creating a school radio station.  Resources used (including Audacity, LAME MP3 converter, Windows Media Player, low watt FM transmitter) to create the show will be shared, as well as information about selecting the crew, their jobs, & utilizing this fantastic communication tool.
Target Audience:  Elementary
Gina Graziani, Carolina Beach Elementary School

Location:  302B
Are You Glogging Today?
Discover how to embed video files, images, and text with the click of a mouse to create a virtual poster with your students. During this workshop participants learn how to integrate Glogster into the core curriculum focusing on the new Information and Technology Essential standards and how to setup a class using Glogster.

Target Audience:  Elementary
Rebecca Smith, Hall Fletcher Elementary School
Shelva Davis, Hall Fletcher Elementary School






Location:  302C
We have laptops - now what?
Join Lee County's ITFs as they guide you through their successful implementation of a  middle school student laptop initiative. We will share sites and lessons we learned.  Presentation is located on edmodo.com  Code: B10RYA
Target Audience:  Middle, Administration
Danita Russell, Lee County Schools
Wendy Clark, Lee County Schools

Location:  303
Defined STEM: Bringing Relevance to the Classroom
Defined STEM is a web-based solution designed to promote effective connections between STEM classroom content and career pathways. The “STEM Connection†presents curriculum and relevancy content in one self contained unit, incorporating video, performance tasks, virtual lab simulations, and student projects. There are over 1,000 video based learning connections to stimulate student interest in STEM careers.
Target Audience:  Middle, High
Robin Hadden, Sunburst Technology

Location:  304
Multimedia and Powerful Learning
Using an inexpensive camera (or none at all  - gasp!) and simple, free software, anyone can make movies that engage students, improve learning, and help promote programs at one's school.  It's much easier than you think, too.  Join for good ideas and good fun, as well as project ideas and free resources.
Rushton Hurley, Featured Presenter

Location:  Third Floor Registration 2
Educating the ''Digital Native:''  The NCVPS OCS Blended Learning Program

NCVPS has developed an exciting blended learning program for high school Occupational Course of Study students that pairs the f2f OCS teacher with an NCVPS online teacher to provide blended instruction for OCS students.  Working together, teachers individualize instruction for each student using engaging online content and live interaction.
Target Audience:  High, Administration
Michelle Lourcey, North Carolina Virtual Public School
Natalie Holm, North Carolina Virtual Public Schools

Location:  Third Floor Registration 1
Fund your professional development plan with the Invest in Teachers Award
Effective professional development begins with needs assessment and planning. LEARN NC's Invest in Teachers Award helps fund professional development for North Carolina schools and LEAs that have crafted comprehensive plans that address school needs. This session will help you put together an award-winning plan of your own.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration
Bill Ferris, LEARN NC
Ross White, LEARN NC

Location:  305A
AMTR Update
In this session, participants will receive information about the updated Annual Media and Technology Report.
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
Melanie Honeycutt, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Location:  305B
SMART Ideas from Digital Dottie and Calculating Chris!
Chris and Dottie will equip you with Smartboard lesson ideas for centers, whole group, small group, and independent groups in all subject areas. You will leave this session inspired and prepared to engage ALL students with your Smartboard.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle
Dottie Small, Garrett Elementary School
Chris Small, Woodlawn Middle School

Location:  306A
Setting Sail with Library of Congress:   Using Primary Sources within the Curriculum
Help!!!! Are you falling overboard and need some new ideas to update research presentations? Library Of Congress is throwing you a life preserver! Primary Sources allow students to present valuable information in a creative, interesting way.  We will show you how to make your own history using The Library of Congress.  Audience grades 4-8
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle
Caryn Levy, Leicester Elementary~ Buncombe County Schools
Vicki Kolomechuk, Valley Springs Middle ~ Buncombe County Schools

Location:  306B
VoiceThread Frenzy: Quick and Easy Booktalks
Make students excited about literature and sharing their thoughts about their favorite books through technology! Leave the session with step-by-step instructions about how to build a book talk and incorporate VoiceThread into your classroom. Come and see an actual lesson that has been taught this year with student work samples and handouts. Also, if there is time we will review how to incorporate VoiceThread into other lessons.

Session information:  Link to website:  http://fuquayes.wcpss.net/NCTies.htm

BookTalk Tips , VoiceThread Directions, BookTalk sites, Building a Booktalk Worksheet
Target Audience:  Elementary

Kristin Poe, Fuquay Varina Elementary
Sherron Hornaday, Fuquay Varina Elementary
Paula Martini, Fuquay Varina Elementary

Location:  306C
Explore, Exchange, and Experience in a Global Learning Community
Students, teachers, and support staff at a small, rural K-8 school are using webcams, desktop mics, and web-based conferencing tools such as SKYPE to explore, exchange, and experience through global learning opportunities which integrate NETS-S and ELA curriculum competencies.  Online handouts/resource links for this work in progress will be provided.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle
Shannon Carroll, Mabel School

Link to Presentation Resources/Documents: http://bit.ly/fA3aGp

Location:  307
Will iPads Replace Laptops?
iPads are fun and easy to use, but are they productive? Will they be the next generation of hardware for 1:1? In this session we will discuss the pros and cons of using iPads, their uses compared to laptops as well as how they are currently being used in the classroom. Which hardware will reign supreme? You decide!
Target Audience:  K-12
Bethany Smith, College of Education at NC State University

Location:  402
The state of the craft:  What's new-- and what's next-- in edtech, consumer electronics, and more
Join us in this fast-paced, one-hour presentation, you'll take a look at the latest and greatest in ed tech and consumer electronics-including SMS and web-based classroom polling, solid state drives, and gesture-based computer interfaces-and you'll even get a sneak peek at some new innovations just around the corner.  You'll also learn why learning management systems like Blackboard and Moodle may soon have unexpected competition.
Patrick Crispen, Featured Presenter

Location:  Ballroom A
Oh The Things You Can Do with Google Spreadsheets & Forms!
You won’t believe all the cool things you can do with Google Forms and spreadsheets: shared lesson plans, online voting, surveys, electronic self-checking quizzes, data gathering, and more!
Target Audience:
Tammy Worcester, Featured Presenter



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