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Concurrent 6 Technology Fair 4

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Concurrent Session 6

Technology Fair 4



Friday, March 4, 2011

9:10 a.m. - 10:10 a.m.


Location:  201
Transforming Your Math Classroom With SMART Notebook Math Tools
Learn how to transform your Math classroom using SMART Notebook Math tools. This add-on to SMART Notebook software combines all the tools you need to teach math concepts and solve equations in a single application using a hands-on and exciting approach.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration
Lee Thompson, Seed Comm
Ashleigh Snyder, Ms

Location:  202
How to Lower Costs, Enhance Security, and Simplify Management with Virtual Desktops
desktop virtualization is being adopted by educational institutions across the globe to streamline the costs and complexity associated with managing desktop environments, and to provide students and teachers alike with a collaborative learning platform that improves the student to computer ratio and enhances the way teachers teach and students learn.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration
Shaun Jones, Cisco

Location:  204
Wi-Fi Integration ( Data, Voice, & Video) via ARM
CNIC introduces Aruba Networks' Adaptive Radio Manangement technology - enabling optimal cooperation of data, voice, and video traffic in a campus environment.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration, Other
James Pitts, CNIC, Inc.

Location:  205
Virtual Learning as a Resource for Closing the Achievement Gap and Improving Graduation Rates for Students
Join Pearson Virtual Learning and see how we can help you in closing achievement gaps and improving graduation rates for students.  Program information and demonstrations will highlight Pearson's state-of-the-art solutions and services. Informational materials will be distributed to session attendees.
Target Audience:  Middle, High, Administration, Other
Brad Buelow, Pearson School
Phyllis Lentz, Pearson Virtual Learning
Molly Trappe, Pearson Virtual Learning

Location:  206
Using the iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone/Smart Phone/ or Student Response System as Teacher Instruction/Data Collection tools for Cloud based reporting by student, class, campus or district.
Introducing a Cloud-Based Instruction Center for teachers which allows frequent data collection of assessment results using a web browser enabled  iPad, IOS device, smart phone, computer. Click It Student Response. Or Scan It with an iPhone or iPod Touch into a Cloud for immediate reporting by student, class, campus and district. Drawing for free CPS Student Response Set.
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration, Other
Kelly Griffin, Proven Learning - eInstruction Business Partner
Darren Ward, All In Learning

Location:  Tech Showcase A (Exhibit Hall)
Balancing Learning and Security in a Web 2.0 World
From online resources to communication and participatory learning, Web 2.0 offers valuable educational benefits. But with those benefits come content and security risks. Discover how smarter filtering and innovative school network solutions can help you give users the advantages of Web 2.0 learning while maintaining network security, user safety, and CIPA compliance.
Target Audience:
Al Rossi, Lightspeed Systems

Location:  Tech Showcase B (Exhibit Hall)
SharePoint 2010 What's New for Education!
SharePoint 2010 brings new features and capabilities supporting the collaborative and mobile work styles of today’s educators and students. Join us to discover how SharePoint 2010 can streamline administrative functions as well as enhance classroom experiences. Hear exciting new ways schools today are managing admin tasks and increasing student performance with SharePoint 2010!
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration, Other
David Totten, Data Networks

Location:  301A
iPodabilities in the Classroom 1.0
In this session, learn how iPod Touches and iPads were incorporated in to the World Languages Department at Ridge View High School. Learn tips for set up, great ways to use everyday apps, and creative uses for group and individual work.
Target Audience:  K-12, Other
MaryAnn Sansonetti, Richland 2 School District Ridge View High School

iPodabilities in the Classroom 1.0 Presentation

Google Form Template for App requests
Student Contract Sample

Location:  301B
Google Apps for Education
John Warf from DPI will be assisting us in demonstrating the use of Google Apps as a school wide program . We will model practical uses of Google Apps for administrators, teachers and students.
Target Audience:  K-12
Adam Seder, Pamlico Middle School
Michelle Lee, Pamlico Middle School

Location:  302A
Lights, Camera, Action! Using IMOVIE to Enhance Learning
Creating videos in the classroom empowers students to be in charge of their own learning. Apple IMOVIE and other video editing software helps students integrate skills and curriculum goals in a fun and exciting way. Presentation will include student IMOVIE examples and implementation ideas with handout.
Target Audience:  Middle, High
Amy Thompson, Perquimans County Middle School
Dexter Jackson-Heard, Perquimans County Middle School

Location:  302B
Edmodo: Secure and Private Social Networking for Students and Teachers
No matter your content area, online collaboration is key to engaging students.  Edmodo provides teachers and students with a safe and secure platform to share content and ideas.  Learn how you can use Edmodo and other free Web 2.0 tools to create a dynamic, global learning environment in your classroom.
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration, Other
Barry Richard Barber, South Asheboro Middle School
Kathy Landis-Mullins, South Asheboro Middle School

Location:  302C
Coaching Teachers in a 1 to 1 Laptop Environment
Union County Public Schools gave laptops to all 6th & 7th grade students this year - come see the blended staff development approach we created to help middle school teachers in this transition.
Resources: www.tinyurl.com/1to1coaching

Target Audience:  Middle, High
Tess Ausman, Union County Public Schools
Allison Malady, Union County Public Schools
Cyndi Clowney, Union County Public Schools

Location:  303
The Biggest Looser - YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
Reduce your network size, complexity, and headaches. Using your limited budget we'll demonstrate how to consolidate your ''fat'' hardware and transition to ease of management for your existing network.  Let Tiber Creek share three things you should do in 2011 to help ensure your success as the Biggest Looser
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration, Other
Sheila Sentelle, Tiber Creek Consulting
Ben Austin, Tiber Creek Consulting, Inc.

Location:  304
How to Design a School Website People will actually use
Did you or someone else design your school or districts website only to have it left untouched recently? Are you having trouble getting valuable content? Learn how to properly plan, design and implement a school or district website. Solutions such as online forms, calendar systems, PDFs, Portal Systems and online databases will demonstrated and discussed.
Leslie Fisher, Featured Presenter

Location:  Third Floor Registration 2
Harvesting World Class Educators: So You Want To Teach For NCVPS?
This presentation will focus on how NCVPS produces world class educators, journeying from completing the application to our Teacher Assistant Process and how we continue to support our teachers virtually. We will use a laptop, projector, screen, speakers, and props. We will distribute business cards so that applicants may contact us.
Target Audience:  Middle, High, K-12, Administration
Janice Silver, NCVPS
Marcia Simmons, NCVPS

Location:  Third Floor Registration 1
Charting the Course & Setting Sail:  Using iPod Touches in the Elementary Classroom
The iPod touch can be an incredibly powerful learning tool for students of all ages!  Come and see how elementary teachers are using itouches to increase student engagement and achievement in literacy and math.  During this session we will share lesson ideas and strategies for using the devices with your students.

Nancy Mangum, Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
Jennifer Anderson, Banks Elementary/ WCPSS

Angela Sonntag, Banks Elementary/WCPSS

Frank Creech, Banks Elmentary/WCPSS

Location:  305A
WiseOwl has provided free online resources to NC public schools for over a decade.  Our collection offers access to full-text articles from more than 3000 popular magazines and professional journals.  Additional resources include encyclopedias, atlases, almanacs, eBooks, and PBS videos. Join us for an overview of how these resources can be put to use in your instructional program.
Target Audience:  K-12
Dan Sparlin, NCDPI

Location:  305B
Classroom Response Systems: Real Time Assessment Data -Real Time Saver!
Discover ways to use SMART Response to efficiently collect feedback while keeping learners engaged.  Learn how to author, edit and arrange questions, and how to adjust instruction based on understanding. Strategies for saving hours of grading and recording scores, for saving reams of paper and toner, and for saving valuable instructional time will be shared.
Target Audience:  Elementary

Presentation File - http://msblaszak.pbworks.com/w/page/37021645/NCTIES-2011

 Jennifer Keith, Lansdowne Elementary School
Sherri Bernier-Lucien, Providence Spring Elementary

Location:  306A
What Makes a _________ Teacher?
The North Carolina Teacher Evaluation incorporates technology and 21st century learning/teaching throughout the rubric. What does Developing, Proficient, Accomplished and Distinguished really mean when it comes to using technology? We will have dialogue and explore resources to help support teachers to become 21st century educators.
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
Marlo Gaddis, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools


Location:  306B
Cloud-based Phone Messaging
These days, to be “hip”, you had better be a part of the cloud.  The “In-Cloud” is using web-based services and apps to share resources and collaborate.  Cloud-based telephone apps allow us to make calls, store and transcribe voicemails, simultaneously ring handsets, send text messages, teleconference, and much more.  Numerous free&paid services are available - expect to be amazed!
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration
Anthony Woodyard, Guilford County Schools
Mary Ann James, Guilford County Schools

Location:  306C
How NCSSM Uses Webconferencing (in all its flavors) for STEM Instruction
At the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, teachers use webconferencing and videoconferencing to instruct students and teachers at distant locations.  Learn about the instructional features the technologies offer. Handouts on webconferencing, videoconferencing and information to locate content providers will be distributed.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration
Carole Stern, NC School of Science and Mathematics
Anna DeConti, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Location:  307
Beyond Technology Tools: Supporting the New Teacher Evaluation Process, Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving
Teachers use a variety of instructional methods, including technology integration to help students think critically and solve problems. How can media specialists and technology facilitators support core teachers in this new evaluation process? We'll move beyond technology as a tool and look at maximizing learning and collecting evidence for the process.  We'll be crowd-sourcing these issues with highlights from the session posted on our wiki at: http://bit.ly/beyondtech
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
Deanna Harris, East Cary Middle School / Wake County Schools
Kelly Brannock, NC Department of Public Instruction

Location:  402
Prezi 101: Replacing Your Static PowerPoint Slides with an Interactive, Dynamic Canvas
Tired of your static, linear PowerPoint presentations? Want to create an entirely new type of Flash-based presentation that uses a map layout and zooming to engage  your students?  Join Patrick Crispen as he shows you the tips and tricks behind Prezi, a relatively new presentation-creating tool.  You'll even learn how to get a free Prezi 'EDU  Enjoy' account that will allow you to make your presentations private and even remove the Prezi watermark.
Patrick Crispen, Featured Presenter

Location:  Ballroom A
Technology Time-Savers for Teachers
In this information-packed session, participants will learn about tips, tricks, and tools that can save them tons of time both in school and out!
Tammy Worcester, Featured Presenter

Location:  Ballroom B
Sneak Peek: The NEW SAS® Curriculum Pathways®
Schools have used SAS digital content for 10+ years. This summer, we'll release the NEW SAS Curriculum Pathways for grades 6-12. It’s got award-winning, standards-based resources—including new resources for grades 6 and 7, a user-driven search feature, and an updated look. Preview the NEW SAS Curriculum Pathways—still free!
Target Audience:  Middle, High, Administration
Deborah Gray, SAS® Curriculum Pathways®


Location:  Ballroom C
Navigating Through Docs

Chart a course using real time collaboration through online sharable documents that can be safely stored, organized, edited and viewed using any computer or web enabled device.  From documents to spreadsheets, presentations to surveys and more, come and learn how to navigate through the free online resources available using Google Docs.
Target Audience:  K-12
Conni Mulligan, Buncombe County Schools


Location:  Booth 1
1:1 With Linux and Open Source (1 Year Later)
One year ago, J.P. Knapp Early College began our 1:1 program with Dell netbooks.  We began with a radical idea: could a 1:1 environment be constructed using only Open Source/free software?  It took some work, but it's been very successful.  Come see how we did it!  A demo, installation guides, and lessons learned will be available.

Resources: www.technicallyteaching.com

Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
Mark Samberg, J.P. Knapp Early College

Location:  Booth 2
Tech in Ten: Quick Tech-Infused Learning Activities for the Classroom
Don't have time to integrate tech? Are teachers telling you that it's too hard? Join us for technology-infused activities that can enhance teaching across the curriculum in under 10 minutes.
Target Audience:  K-12
Kelly Hines, Cherokee Central Schools

Location:  Booth 3
Examining Issues Critical to 1:1 Learning Environments: English Language Learners (ELLs)
This paper will discuss the impact of a one-to-one initiative on the learning experiences of English Language Learners (ELLs). It will focus on exploring how the use of laptops in class activities supported the development of ELL students’ English skills.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, Administration, Other
Rodolfo Argueta, North Carolina State University
Jeni Corn, North Carolina State University
Jennifer Tingen, North Carolina State University

Location:  Booth 4
Utilizing FREE Software & Web-based Programs
This session will focus on free software & web-based programs including Voicethread, Glogster EDU, Photostory 3 and Zamzar file converter.   Project samples & handouts will be available.  Pie charts and a spreadsheet will be displayed; documenting 8th grade computer proficiencies met using each project.

Session information: http://snrobinson.edu.glogster.com/false/

Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, K-12, Administration
Nicole Robinson, East Yancey Middle School

Location:  Booth 5
Assessing Toxic Risk-Using Bioassays in Science lab
Inquiry based learning is an essential instructional method. Furthermore, they learn not only the science involved but also critical thinking skills that they can carry with them in other courses of study. The use of technology in classrooms supports hands-on learning and thus promotes better learning. Come and gain the background necessary to encourage student research in your classroom!
Target Audience:  Middle, High
Patricia Knight, Jay M. Robinson High School






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