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Technology Fair 5

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Technology Fair 5




Friday, March 4, 2011

10:15 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.


Location:  Booth 1
The Professional Development You Need Through Chats On Twitter
#Edchat. #MathChat. #SciChat. #SSChat. #NTChat. We all need professional development and sometimes we can find it by just talking to our peers. Join us as we will discuss how educators are getting the PD they need through educational chats on Twitter.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration
Steven Anderson, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

Location:  Booth 2
Creative Video in the Classroom
How can you enhance your curriculum through the use of a green screen, a computer, video editing tools and a class of eager students?  See how a fourth grade teacher used technology, historical footage, child re-enactments, special effects and a number-one bluegrass band to spark the imagination of her class.
Target Audience:  Elementary
Kathy Burton, Valle Crucis Elementary School
Debbie Glover, Valle Crucis Elementary School

Location:  Booth 3
Online Teaching To The Rescue of Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs)
The session will outline what less commonly taught languages are and why online learning and teaching are particularly well suited to alleviate the problems of teaching these languages. The issues will be illustrated through interactive multimedia tutorials created by a non-profit organization that teaches one of these languages, Macedonian, online.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration, Other
Biljana Belamaric Wilsey, Macedonian Language E-Learning Center

Links: http://macedonianlanguage.org (website with materials); MLEC NC TIES 2011.ppsx (powerpoint slides)

Location:  Booth 4
Web 2.0: An Innovative Model for Online Professional Development
The NC 1:1 Learning Collaborative at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation has implemented an innovative online professional development (PD) model using the latest Web 2.0 tools. This presentation highlights how to leverage Web 2.0 for online PD, and provides recommendations on implementing a collaborative, sustained, paperless online PD model.
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
Sherry Booth, NC State University/The Friday Institute
Lisa Hervey, NC State University/The Friday Institute
Sophia Stone, North Carolina State University/Friday Institute

Our professional development (PD) model uses the TPACK Framework (Mishra & Koehler, 2006) as a guide in the development, implementation and facilitation of our onlline and face-to-face learning experiences.

We hold an annual 3 day long Summer Leadership Institute (SLI) for administrators, instructional technology facilitators and teachers practicing in the North Carolina Learning and Technology Initiative (NCLTI). Here is the wiki that was used to conduct SLI in 2010.  Here is a content specific strand of the same SLI. In addition to the SLI, the 1:1 Collaborative offers ongoing professional development specifically designed for administrators at the Winter Leadership Institutes and for instructional technology facilitators at the Technology Leadership Institutes. Finally, we provide site-based content area specific professional development to schools participating in the NCTLI.  We encourage and invite participants attending these institute to continue their discussions and collaborative relationships in our NC 1:1 Ning. We extend our professional development through several online course offerings that are developed and facilitated by the 1:1 Collaborative team.  The Innovate to Transform the 1:1 Classroom with Web 2.0 Tools course is in session right now.


Location:  Booth 5
Innovative and Free Software and  Best Practices -  Infrastructure, Collaboration, & LMS Software
FREE World-Class Tools - Hosted with Support and Training: Learn about ‚Ä¢Microsoft Liveatedu, with communication/collaboration, knowledge/document creation/management and more, ‚Ä¢ IT Academy Certifications, and ‚Ä¢BrainHoney LMS implemented around the world from a Gold Certified Partner and teacher.  Learn how Kentucky Public Schools saved $6.3M and how NCSSM uses BrainHoney
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration
Donna Stainback, Granville Co.Community Ed. Program
Kerry Stainback, FFA  & Granville County Schools





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