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Concurrent 7 Technology Fair 6

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Concurrent Session 7

Technology Fair 6




Friday, March 4, 2011

11:10 a.m. - 12:10 a.m.


Location:  201
Managing, Assessing, and Encouraging Collaboration In Your Classroom Using SMART Classroom Suite
Interested in learning how one software suite can maximize teaching and learning in the computer enabled classroom?  This session will explore each software included in SMART's Classroom Suite, and how they come together to offer lesson creation, instant assessment, and management tools.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration, Other
Lee Thompson, Seed Comm
Ashleigh Snyder, Ms

Location:  202
Using technology to survive a shrinking budget
As your budget disappears, finding and saving money will be the biggest challenges you will face. Join us for pointers on how technology can put information at your fingertips so you can eliminate excesses, fund projects through costs savings, make smarter purchasing decisions and justify future purchases.
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
Laura Welter, Follett Software

Location:  204
Video-Conferencing for K-12 & Higher Education
CNIC, Inc. and Polycom bring to you the latest in video-conferencing applications for K-12 and Higher Education environments.
Target Audience:  High, K-12, Administration
James Pitts, CNIC, Inc.
Andrew Izod, Polycom Inc.

Location:  205
Virtual Learning as a Resource for Meeting College Readiness Demands and Extending AP Offerings
Join Pearson Virtual Learning and see how we can help you in meeting current challenges related to college readiness demands and extending AP offerings. Engage students through a variety of interactive components and assessments while ensuring student achievement. Informational materials will be distributed to session attendees.
Target Audience:  High, Administration, Other
Brad Buelow, Pearson School
Phyllis Lentz, Pearson Virtual Learning
Molly Trappe, Pearson Virtual Learning

Location:  206
Integrating the use of a hand held interactive whiteboard with a student response system to create a collaborative learning environment.
K12 Teachers present the integrated use of a hand held interactive whiteboard with a student reponse system to create a collaborative learning environment that enables a true exchange of ideas between the teacher and students.  Drawing for a free CPS Student Response Set. Must be present to win.
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
Kelly Griffin, Proven Learning - eInstruction Business Partner
Debbie Jacobs, Proven Learning

Location:  Tech Showcase A (Exhibit Hall)
Toolbar Power:  Hands On Literacy Support for ALL Students
Read&Write GOLD is a literacy software  toolbar solution that allows students to access any curriculum  and complete reading, writing, and research  assignments as well as take tests independently.  Read&Write GOLD helps all students succeed  regardless of ability or learning style – from the  youngest learners to those in higher education or the  workplace.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12
Jeffrey Leinson, Texthelp Systems

Location:  Tech Showcase B (Exhibit Hall)
Bridging the Math Gap: Incorporating Online Math in the Classroom
Ever wonder how to pinpoint exactly where each student is in Math? ALEKS is a Web-based, artificially intelligent learning system for grades 3-12, correlated to NC SCS and Common Core Standards. ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student is most ready to learn.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration, Other
Rebecca Lewis, ALEKS Corporation
Blair Greiter, ALEKS Corporation

Location:  301A
IPADs in the Classroom: Implementation Review & Classroom Application.
Explore the potential of IPADs in the classroom! Join the presenters from Franklin Academy to learn about their deployment, use, and applications in the classroom. Come hear about this exciting new technology and how it can support student learning and achievement.
Target Audience:  Middle, High, K-12, Administration
David Mahaley, Franklin Academy
Tim Hall, Franklin Academy

Location:  301B
Poster Yourself with Glogster EDU
This workshop provides examples of ways you and students can create multi-media projects to enhance instruction and learning.  Discover ways to integrate these projects into all curricular areas.  We will look at examples of things students and teachers have created with this wonderful web 2.0 tool. Visit the link below and sign in to Edmodo (or register for a free account with Edmodo) and join the group NCTies EDU Glogster (code: zzywbh) for a list of our links and glogs that we are showing. Come and join us for great resources and prizes.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12
Dorene Bates, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools
Melissa Edwards, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

Links: http://www.edmodo.com Group code: zzywbh

Location:  302A
Alice- the Free, Fun, and Easy Way to Introduce Students to Programming
BRING LAPTOP! Alice is a FREE animation/programming software program donated by Carnegie Mellon University. It encourages students especially girls and minorities to learn programming in a fun way. They learn concepts by creating animation and/or video games. Studies show students using Alice succeed in future programming classes.http://www.alice.org
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Other
Elaine Witkowski, Archdale-Trinity Middle School
Jill Elberson, Randleman Middle School

Links: http://learnalice.googlepages.com/AliceNcaect.ppt

Location:  302B
Symbaloo WHO? No, SymbalooEDU!
Come learn how SymbalooEDU can help you create visual bookmarking, group projects, online portfolio lesson plans,, webmixes and tiles, and   for you and your students.  The session will provides avenues for meeting 21st Century Skills and teachers can work toward become a distinguished teacher. Take instruction to a higher level!
Target Audience:  K-12
Lisa Thompson, Union County Schools
Susie Austin, Union County Schools
Links:  http://edu.symbaloo.com/mix/ncties2011sym

http://www.edmodo.com group code: me9oez

Location:  302C
Charting the Course in a 1:1 Learning Environment
Experience the journey in 1:1 with Surry County Schools.   Our voyage has included policy development, teacher training, district wide technology conference, Web 2.0 integration, student multimedia projects,and full implementation with all 7th and 8th grade students.  Join us as we share our road map; we'll guide you through this exciting expedition for 21st Century learners.
Target Audience:  K-12
Jill Reinhardt, Surry County Schools
Jennifer Scott, Surry County Schools
Kathy White, Surry County Schools

Heather Venable, Surry County Schools

Link:  http://scs1to1journey.pbworks.com/

Location:  303
Communicating and Collaborating: A Day in the Life of a Connected Student
Follow a virtual 9th grade student through a typical school day in a completely connected environment. Get a glimpse of how tools like texting, social networking, message boards, online file storage, chat rooms, blogs, and more can impact education and extend the classroom beyond the school walls.
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
Heather Hammond, Gaggle

Location:  304
Unconference Session: Topic(s) to be Announced
Often, conference attendees say that they're most valuable learning takes place while networking outside of the presentation halls.  This session will seek to harness the value of informal networking, utilizing a more structured, focused, and functional framework.  Topic(s) to be announced. (BYOT for Backchanneling)
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration
David Warlick, The Landmark Project and Featured Presenter

Location:  Third Floor Registration 2
Play it Again (2010 NCTIES Grant Winner)
2010 Grant Winner Presentation Play it Again is an elementary music technology presentation. We will show how we were able to incorporate music into our technology program due to not having a music teacher on site.  Types of equipment and software will be explored.
Target Audience:  Elementary
Linda Kilkenny, Haw River Elementary
Mary Squires, Haw River Elementary

Location:  Third Floor Registration 1
How Laptops Digitize and Transform Learning
This session will address how laptops affect learning across all three years of a North Carolina laptop project, including:  How laptops prepare the future-ready student using the Framework for 21st Century Learning (Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2003) ; New teaching practices; Concerns over standards and assessment
Target Audience:  High, K-12, Administration
Jennifer Tingen, North Carolina State University
Jenifer Corn, Friday Institute for Educational Innovation


NCTIES_Reaching Dig Learners1 [Compatibility Mode].pdf

Location:  305A
A New Vision of Teaching:  21st Century skills, 21st Century content -New roles, new demands! How do I make sense of it all?
Integrating new skills can be overwhelming.  However, both the new NCTEP and the new NCSCOS have incorporated these essential skills such as: critical thinking, problem solving,   communication/collaboration, and technology-infused learning.  Our goal is to help put this into perspective so you may begin to integrate these skills and engage students in the learning process.
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
Amber Bass Godfrey, NCDPI
Donna Sawyer, NC Department of Public Instruction

Location:  305B
Create, Communicate, and Collaborate with the Effective Use of Rich Media
The session will be focused on enhancing instruction with 21st century media.  Our emphasis will be the steps in finding, importing and integrating rich media into lessons created in SMART Notebook. Learn how to enrich lessons by adding flash, video, sound and web sites to create interactive, effective instructional materials.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle

Presentation File - http://msblaszak.pbworks.com/w/page/37021645/NCTIES-2011

Lynn Keith, Providence Spring Elementary
Suzanne Blaszak, Providence Spring Elementary

Location:  306A
Media Centers:  What do we look like today?
Let's look at the role the media center plays in a technology rich school environment today.  How do we compete?  What can Media staff do to encourage ongoing use both by teachers and staff. What does being a ''Media Teacher/Facilitator look like?  Let's collaborate!
Resources:  https://prezi.com/secure/76ddc5e943b6c3a37337f93c94d67ad6b184b9b2/

Target Audience:  Middle, K-12
Allison Long, Mooresville Graded Schools/Mooresville Middle
Cindy Dunagan, Mooresville City

Location:  306B
How Technology Engages Early Elementary Students in Problem Based Learning
In this session we explore the mutual benefit that Problem Based Learning methodology and technology combine to create an engaging learning environment at Kimmel Farm Elementary.
Target Audience:  Elementary, K-12, Administration
Adrienne Loffredo, Kimmel Farm Elementary
Barbara Kibler, Kimmel Farm Elementary

Location:  306C
Getting School Administrators Connected: The Power of PLNs and Social Media
Administrators are just beginning to overcome their skepticism about the power and usefulness of social media. Participants in this session will explore social media and the power of Personal Learning Networks for school leadership. Some attention will be given to the basics of developing and maintaining PLNs will also be covered.

Getting Administrators Connected.pdf

My Wiki: https://21stprincipaltools.wikispaces.com/

My Blog: The 21st Century Principal http://the21stcenturyprincipal.blogspot.com/

Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
John Robinson, Newton Conover Health Science High School

Location:  307
Using Technology to Teach the 10 National Themes of Elementary Social Studies
This session is designed to help elementary teachers teach the National Social Studies themes while integrating literacy, writing, and technology. Participants will learn how to use innovative, accessible Web 2.0 tools to teach the 10 Social Studies themes. Handouts will be given.
Target Audience:  Elementary
Melissa Beeson, University of North Carolina Greensboro
Lisa Buchanan, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Additional Handout

Location:  402
What's New in Turnitin2
Join Patrick Crispen as he shows you what is new and different in Turnitin2, the leading originality-checking and plagarism prevention tool.  Turnitin2 integrates OriginalityCheck plagarism prevention, PeerMark peer reviewing, and GradeMark  paperless grading in a single, easy-to-use interface.  Even if your school doesn't use Turnitin--unfortunately, the service is not free-- you'll learn some tips and tricks to help teacher your students proper citation techniques.
Patrick Crispen, Featured Presenter

Location:  Ballroom A
Go Digital!
Blogging, podcasting, digital forms, shared calendars... it sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? In this session, Tammy will show you how easy it is to go digital in your classroom. Using some fabulous free web tools, you will be able to share student successes, communicate with parents, gather feedback, organize events and more -- all in just a few minutes per week!
Tammy Worcester, Featured Presenter

Location:  Ballroom B
Enhancing Student Learning through Online Animation
This session presents the integration of online animations to increase student mastery of curricular content and the use of online animation programs to create 21st Century products of learning. The session includes demonstrations of xtranormal.com and voki.com, so bring your wireless laptop and create along with the presenter.  Handouts for this session will be posted on the NCTIES 2011 Conference Wiki.
Target Audience:  K-12
Kirsten McDonald, Emma Elementary School

Location:  Ballroom C
Strategies for the New Teacher Evaluation Tool
In this session participants will receive information on the new Teacher Evaluation Instrument.   Strategies will also be provided on how Technology Facilitators can assist teachers in meeting their new standards.
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
Melanie Honeycutt, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
Cathy Mathews, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Location:  Booth 1
Electronic Newsletters-Digital Discoveries
Interested in school wide collaboration? Achieve it through a newsletter!  Digital Discoveries, a weekly publication is created in Microsoft Publisher and distributed electronically.  Each newsletter spotlights teachers/ grade levels and their technology integration into the curriculum.  There will be tips about how to create an email and publisher newsletter.
Target Audience:  K-12, Other
Charlotte Lee-Russell, North Graham Elementary School
Sally Johnson, North Graham Elementary School

Location:  Booth 2
Math 2.0 network of communities
The Math 2.0 interest group is a network of communities. It supports mathematics community leaders, aggregates community news, and promotes collaborations among communities. This session is an overview of communities within the network, where you can find communities that fit your needs, and join projects open for collaboration.
Target Audience:  K-12
Maria Droujkova, Math 2.0
Dmitri Droujkov, Math 2.0

Location:  Booth 3
PBL: BMS 6th Grade Style
Participants will walk through and receive demonstration of the process of preparing project based/theme learning for instruction across curriculum. The demonstration comes from Burgaw Middle, 6th grade’s quarter of “Discovery.” Seminar will discuss challenges, planning, expected outcomes, and reflection from both teachers and students during the PBL process.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12
David Glenn, Burgaw Middle/Pender County Schools
Kelly Regan, Burgaw Middle/Pender County Schools

Location:  Booth 4
Who said that EC students can't do it? Wacth and learn how they will amaze you when they use these interactice activities in your classroom.
During this session, the participants will learn how I use technology with my students that have moderate to severe disabilities. The following programs will be discussed: document cameras, animoto.com, SMART board software, wallwisher.com, and other interactive websites that will help students with disabilities. Come and learn how your students can shine through the use of technology.
Target Audience:  Elementary
James Price, Davis-Townsend Elementary School

Location:  Booth 5
The Textbook FREE Math Classroom    
We've all seen them- big, heavy, expensive textbooks. And sometimes, while they aren’t really that great, we plan our entire course around them. In the Internet age, who needs’em? We will have alternatives to your traditional math book. We will also take these materials and develop our own sample curriculum guide using only free websites. It is possible!
Resources: www.technicallyteaching.com

Target Audience:  Middle, High
Mark Samberg, J.P. Knapp Early College




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