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Concurrent 8 Technology Fair 7

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Concurrent Session 8

Technology Fair 7




Friday, March 4, 2011

12:20 p.m. - 1:20 p.m.


Location:  2011
Improve writing and thinking with Webspiration Classroom service.
Join Inspiration® Software and learn how to improve student writing and thinking skills with Webspiration Classroom service, the online writing and visual thinking tool for students and teachers. Discover how this new web-based service helps to engage students and extend learning through collaboration and student-teacher interaction, anytime and anywhere.
Target Audience:  Middle, High, Administration
Joshua Field, Inspiration Software, Inc.
Brian McKean, Inspiration Software, Inc.

Location:  202
DyKnow - A Day In The Life
A demonstration of how DyKnow software is used in a classroom computing environment.  Participants will see how DyKnow can be used in a variety of disciplines (science, math, foreign language, geography), as well as how the DyKnow Monitor software can prevent student distractions and misuse of technology.
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
Brian Cochran, DyKnow LLC

Location:  204
On-Line Lesson Planning in the 21st Century
Planning lessons can be so repetitive! Are our teachers truly teaching the Core Content and State Standards? How can we tell? Join the OnCourse team as they present OnCourse web-based, easy-to-use tools for helping teachers and administrators deal with these grueling tasks ¦ with ease!
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration
Andrea Bertulis, OnCourse Systems for Education

Location:  205
Video Conferencing and Streaming for the K12 Market
In this session, participants will learn how to effectively integrate the superior quality high definition (HD) video conferencing, streaming and recording into any learning environment, and combined with dramatically lower cost provide educators with the tools to reach out to students to help them prepare for the future.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration
Doc Mahaffey, Xerox Audio Visual Solutions
David kuklinski, LifeSize

Location:  206
Connecting with Hard-to-Reach Learners
Every student can learn! Explore how creative projects can engage and motivate your learners, boosting literacy skills and building content understanding, while celebrating their success.  Discover ideas, tools, and techniques that provide a variety strategies for reaching students who are not succeeding through traditional instruction.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle
Scott Loomis, Tech4Learning

Location:  Tech Showcase A (Exhibit Hall)
Race to the Top with TeacherLine
Race to the Top with the premier provider of online teacher professional development! Learn about our award-winning courses developed with nationally recognized education leaders such as ISTE, NASA, and The National Board. We offer standards- and research-based preK-12 courses in STEM, Technology, Science, Instructional Strategies, Math, Reading, and more.
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
Kathy Finger, TeacherLine Southeast

Location:  Tech Showcase B (Exhibit Hall)
Using Online Simulations to Improve Conceptual Understanding in Math and Science
Learn how online simulations help teachers take advantage of research-proven instructional strategies and help students develop conceptual understanding in math and science. Teachers can supplement and enhance instruction with interactive visualizations of concepts. Students can manipulate key variables, generate and test hypotheses, and engage in extensive "what-if" experimentation.
Target Audience:  K-12
Eric Frenchak, ExploreLearning

Location:  301A
Reading, Writing, Arithmetic...and iPads?
The cutting-edge is here. Learn how to implement it in your school. These presenters are part of a small deployment of iPads in an alternative high school setting.  Come listen to their experiences, successes and trials and ask questions about implementing iPads in your school setting.
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
Christy Wolf, Davidson County Schools
Cherie Chesney, Davidson County Schools

Location:  301B
Copyright in the Classroom
The digital age has taken the issue of copyright to an entirely new level of significance, while increasing its complexity.   In this session we will explore copyright from a practical standpoint by applying common sense and established guidelines to classroom situations.  We will also look at sources for non-copyrighted materials.
Target Audience:  K-12
Dan Sparlin, NCDPI

Location:  302A
TV for the Technologically Terrified!
Participants will learn how to implement a student-run news program.  Topics: getting administration support, equipment needed and how to get it, production ideas/questions/ concerns and student selection and training.  Handouts will be: planning guide, "textbook" for teaching television production
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, Administration
Nancy Torborg, Aldert Root Elementary School


Location:  302B
QR codes and why they matter to education. (CREATE - COLLABORATE - COMMUNICATE)

Google's mobile Android operating system supports QR codes natively.

You've heard about "the cloud" now see "the cloud" in action!

Use these free to create physical links to the virtual world to engage, empower, and excite students while they acquire, analyze, and synthesize content.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their own camera enabled smartphone or laptop to explore the technology themselves in the session.  Twitter hashtag:  #QRNCTIES
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
Jacob Standish, Charlotte Mecklenberg Schools  @EdTechStandish
Timothy Smith, Charlotte Mecklenberg Schools @Technology_Tim

Location:  302C
Digital Portfolios in the High School Classroom
Explore high school curriculum through the use of Digital Portfolios.  See how our students have highlighted their multimedia projects and further enhanced their learning by creating a website that begins with their freshman history class and culminates with their senior projects.
Target Audience:  Middle, High
Alison Schleede, Mooresville High School
Brad Baker, Mooresville High School

Location:  303
Start Smart with Britannica
Get new ideas from Britannica Digital Learning for interactive whiteboards, differentiated instruction, eBooks, and more. New features support standards for reading, math, geography, history, and science, including thousands of student activities and teacher resources.  All schools have free access to Britannica Online, thanks to the NC WiseOwl program
Target Audience:  K-12
Wendy Pickering, Britannica Digital Learning

Location:  304
Photoshop Elements/Premier Elements
This session will introduce you to Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 9. Both packages combined allow you to organize, edit and share your digital images as well as videos. The class will overview each area of the applications and show you how to enhance your photos and create quality videos to share with your friends, parents and students! We will finish the class discovering all of the new cool features version 9 has to offer.
Leslie Fisher, Featured Presenter

Location:  Third Floor Registration 2
Technology Literacy and Literary Elements (2010 NCTIES Grant Winner)
Students will integrate technology literacy with literary elements by completing a web-based, paper-free project. Utilizing a digital platform enables teachers to track, comment, and assess student learning from anywhere. This project is made possible by grant money from NCTIES, used to buy mini-student use laptops.
Resources: Digital Platform 2011.ppt

Target Audience:  Elementary, Other
Kelly Crowley, Pine Valley Elementary
Jennifer Rosser, Pine Valley Elementary

Location:  Third Floor Registration 1
Coleman Chase
Students use problem solving strategies and techniques including; GPS units, calculators, computers, compasses, digital cameras, etc. to solve ciphers and various other puzzles to discover the identity of a local celebrity. This activity is a combination of DaVinci Code, Survivor, Amazing Race, and Minute to Win It.
Target Audience:  Middle
Mark Jankowski, Asheville Middle School
Amanda Swartzlander, Asheville Middle School

Location:  305A
Thinkfinity: Resources for 21st Century Teaching and Learning
Come explore the free resources available through Thinkfinity that support the implementation of the North Carolina Essential Standards. Thinkfinity is a database of lesson plans, web interactives, and reviewed web sites aligned to national content standards. Learn more about the new North Carolina partnership.
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
Ouida Myers, NC Department of Public Instruction
Gail Holmes, NC Department of Public Instruciton

Location:  305B
Core+Elective=Success: English 9 and Computer Applications I Combo Class
This session focuses on supporting English I through a class paired with Computer Applications I. The cross curricular assignments reinforce the SCOS objectives of both courses.  Applications taught in computer class utilize the English I content.  Writing instruction is reinforced through brochure production and class presentations are enhanced through tools such as power point.
Target Audience:  High, Administration
Curt Miller, NC Department of Public Instruction

Location:  306A
Beyond PowerPoint - Student Digital Projects Get Creative
Samples of student-produced digital research projects in all K-5 grades and video testimonials from teachers show student learning that moves higher up Bloom's digital taxonomy. Examples include Voicethread, Xtranormal, Animoto, Photostory, Glogster, Prezi, and Podcasting using Audacity.  Teachers in the classroom, media, and technology use essential questions, the Big 6, and celebration presentations to engage students.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Administration
Deborah Icard, Cloverleaf Elementary
Jane Hudson, Cloverleaf Elementary

Location:  306B
Wikis Light the Way - Independent classroom  and lab computer use
Wish your students could access the latest Web sites quickly and easily?  Learn how to structure a Web site for students that will make your computer lab or technology center almost run itself.  PBWorks Wiki pages take only minutes to create.  They keep Internet links organized and create an interface even kindergarteners can use independently.

Session Handout : https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1vbmsf4tCqmkc-gO229Vx8bnsppI9c1-3iJ9iWP64ENg
Target Audience:  Elementary, K-12
Laura Fogle, Little River Elementary/ Durham Public Schools
Caitlin Meseck, Little River Elementary/Durham Public Schools

Location:  306C
Take a Walk on the Wild Side – Exploring Wildlife through Videoconference
Bring the WILD to your classroom with FREE educational videoconferences from the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission.  See how teachers from A.B. Combs Elementary link wildlife videoconferences to their curriculum requirements.  Experience a videoconference for yourself and learn more about creating a videoconferencing facility at your school.  Handouts provided.
Target Audience:  K-12
Susannah Thompson, N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission
Randall Miller, A.B. Combs Leadership Magnet Elementary School

Location:  307
Technology in a 6th Grade Language Arts Classroom
This session will provide examples of tech tools that are being used by the students in a 6th Grade Language Arts classroom, from flip video to podcasting, forums and Wallwisher. Come and get some ideas on how to integrate technology in the classroom with these easy-to-use tools.

Session presentation: http://tinyurl.com/PH-NCTIES11

Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration

Pat Hooker, North Davidson Middle School/Davidson County


Location:  402
Google 201:  Advanced Googology
Ready to take your Googling to the next level?  Beyond the world of plusses, minuses, and quotes lies a whole universe of secret Google tips, techniques, and tools.  This quick, one-hour workshop introduces you to little known Google features like pipes, stop-word workarounds, full-word wildcards, and query modifiers, and features that will instantly make you the envy of your friends and the center of attention at cocktail parties.
Patrick Crispen, Featured Presenter

Location:  Ballroom A
Teach with Games
Participants will learn how to edit Word and PowerPoint game templates for their own classroom, and will receive game creation resources that include links to Dr. Ertzberger’s free games templates. Dr. Ertzberger’s game templates are so popular they are downloaded thousands of times per month by teachers around the world.
Target Audience:  K-12
Jeff Ertzberger, UNC Wilmington

Location:  Ballroom B
QR code Elon presentationCreative Uses of Google Forms for Grading and Peer Editing
Come explore creative uses of forms in Google Docs. Learn how teachers can save time by using forms to provide rich feedback when grading student projects. Students can use forms for peer editing, allowing teachers to better scaffold and monitor the editing process. Sample forms will be shared with participants.

Target Audience:  K-12   Session agenda, examples, and resources
Jeff Carpenter, School of Education, Elon University
Barbara Taylor, Elon University

Location:  Ballroom C
Hooked on eBooks! Using eBook Readers to Promote Reading and Impact Achievement.
From choosing the right device to evaluating their success, participants will learn how to integrate eReader devices, (such as Nook and Kindle) into classroom instruction in ways that engage reluctant readers, integrate 21st century skills and impact achievement for all learners. Session materials will be available online.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12, Administration, Other
Jennifer LaGarde, New Hanover County Schools
Christine James, New Hanover County Schools

Location:  Booth 1
Online Safety and Research for K-2

Present online safety for k-2 using Netsmartz.  Present how k-2 grade students will use PebbleGo for research. We will use a powerpoint presentation along with the database for the research.There will be handouts for teachers to use in the classrooms.
Resources: Online Safety and Research handout.pdf

Target Audience:  Elementary
Terrie Thomas, Troy Elementary School
Melanie Nichols, Troy Elementary School/ Montgomery County

Location:  Booth 2
Tech Tips for Doc Cams
Come by and see Document Cameras from top to bottom, side to side and around the Lens in 360 degrees.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle, High, K-12
Evan Herreid, Wisnton-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

Document Camera LiveBinder Resources


Location:  Booth 3 



CATCH system

CATCHsystem serves students and teachers in digital learning and productivity. CATCH system is a tool for teachers to help students in learning, growing and being productive so they can spend time finding and following their passions.
Target Audience:  K-12, Administration
TJ Wolfe, PhD Student & Technology Coach @ NC State University

Location:  Booth 4
Terrific Trio: PD that ROCKS!
This session will focus on how technology, media and literacy skills can be incorporated into professional development sessions so that teachers can integrate these content areas into their own curriculum.
Target Audience:  Administration, Other
Kevin Swaim, Thomasville Middle School
Melinda Pennington, Thomasville Middle School

Krystal Sanders, Thomasville Middle School

Location:  Booth 5
Technology Across the Curriculum - Student Showcase
Upper Elementary and Middle Grades students will show and present their multimedia presentations used in a variety of subject areas.  Faculty will be on hand to discuss the ways in which the team integrated technology across grade levels and curriculum.  Materials Used: Web 2.0 and multimedia tools.
Target Audience:  Elementary, Middle
Eman Ziada Brandt, Casa Esperanza Montessori Charter School
Lynne Hudson, Casa Esperanza Montessori Charter School




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